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Writing Notes, Make People Feel Special!e

April 5th, 2018 by Alexa Lett

(About to hear a wee bit of a sappy pseudo philosophical post)

Recognizing and doing the little things!  We all experience people and their narcissistic behavior.  I myself, have thrown the millennials under the bus numerous times.  Recently, I had a conversation with my offspring about making others feel special, with the theme being….THINK AND DO BEYOND YOURSELF.  The discussion inevitably went to how expensive it was…and this is where the conversation really got clever.  Making people feel special is a simple philosophy to incorporate into your daily life…and this tiny gesture can benefit you and the recipient enormously. …and it doesn’t take a lot of money.

The number one “go to” special gesture is writing a note/card.  The whole process is the cost of a card….(which can at minimum be a piece of paper/envelope for heaven’s sake) stamp and some time.   Let’s just mull our current world situation.  Most all of us are unfortunately attached to some kind of social media, and we all would rather text than talk….so, to actually pen a note is this side proportionately, of registering and sending a gift from Tiffany’s.    Face it, we have a whole generation of people that do not practice the art of writing script.  Bonus:  it forces us all to spell correctly.   Plus, the ability to make the envelope a sacred piece of art is yet another win to the process. Extra Bonus: there is so much cool stuff to embellish an envelope. Note writing is filled with so much “special” it is frightening.  Extra Super Dee Duper Bonus:  Small as it seems, every letter keeps the Post Office open and working for us all. (the USPS has great stamps that too can represent your style and benefit a cause you support, all here)  Handwritten notes have now become an anomaly of sorts.  Digital communications has made ‘notes’ super special.  The biggest burden of writing notes is time and effort.  Both of these are required….as is anything of any value.

The best note to write is one that is not expected.  It is like receiving a gift in the mail just for the heck of it!  It ramps up the “special” factor exponentially.  Thank you notes are a MUST and “special” notes are double “MUST”.  I’ve told my daughter my opinion of the ‘note’ value….but, she has now experienced it.  The received note has come back to her through conversation…interview processes…job encounters….friends….referrals….all kinds of good things.  

Here are a few little goodies I love to beaddazzle my personal notes!  here, here and here.   My primo, uber, favorite pen is here and it is available in numerous colors!  

Let’s bring back note writing….let’s make people feel special!




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