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Welcome to 2018! I’m Late! New Art!

February 6th, 2018 by Alexa Lett

Yep….it’s been a while.  I have no excuses….except….it just hasn’t happened in a while.  My art has been happening…..just not in a blogging way.  

But, this is a new year….new goals….new attempts at being a more consistent blogger.  A much heartfelt thank you goes out to those who have asked “what’s going on?, what’s happening?”….just a wee bit of life has kept me moving and shaking and not focused on this segment of my little world.  My microcosm of stitching has been cooking beans!  I have stitched anything and everything in site.  

As you know, my need to ‘hunt and gather’ is as much a part of me as my DNA make-up.  If anything it has intensified over the months.  My inner “weird item” divining rod has lead me to miss matched stuff.  As of late, the oddity of  ‘one’ versus ‘pair’ has proven itself to be quite interesting.   

This little hand-knitted, wool sock was found in the upstairs of a building in Sweetwater, TN.  There was only one….but, look at the fashion forward color choice of the maker! It was found in a box with newspaper that dated back to 1952.  I feel this little sock might have a story or two to tell.  One side had provided a few great meals for a slew of moths, but, the other side was perfect.  Judging the size of the foot part…I’m thinking it probably was hip high to a toddler.  Not a typical sock in my world, but nevertheless an interesting textile to work with.  It easily walked its way into my art.  Just a few little embellishments of my needle and it all mounted on a vintage ledger…..done.  So cute.

It is oddly funny how things generally found in pairs wind up in my hands missing their other counterpart.  This story holds true for the glove below.  My need, nor want, to wear elbow gloves has not surfaced lately.  Yet, a pale yellow hand-stitched elbow glove surfaced at a yard-sale this summer.  The lady gave it to me because of the lack of “pair of gloves” the tag read.  It clearly had only one more purpose left……art.  One of my favorite Emerson quotes fit perfectly on it.  

Often the predictable (things coming in pairs) is expected and somewhat necessary to use as they are intended; but if you put on your creative hat, the lone half that remains can find a new calling.  Find purpose in all things.  The ‘take away’ from this 2018 blogging beginning….a pair with no spare is not rare, but a pair less one half….I don’t care.  {giggle}

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