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Stitchy Vintage Photos!

March 7th, 2016 by Alexa Lett

There is nothing more appealing to me than the “hair-do’s”!  I can only imagine the skill needed to coiffe some of this architectural beauty.  And the flip side….I can only imagine the unbridled pain sleeping in some form of cylindrical doo-dad necessary to achieve some of this architectural beauty.  Think about the amount of saliva required to spin this many curls.  Nevertheless, these young lasses are some of my faves.  The 40’s brought us a lovely era of school pictures.  (which does not happen often)IMG_2834These photos also make me smile…plus, it is all about the stitchy word!  Just a wee bit of advice to all….if you see these type photos in a junk/antique/thrift/yard sale take moment and give them a look.  So fun to see a glimpse into a wonderful time. Enjoy the simple….



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