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A Stitchy, Embroidery Hometown Treasure Right In Your Back Yard!

April 5th, 2017 by Crystal

Welcome to Yates Bleachery Company in Flintstone Georgia.  Today some friends and I from Chattanooga Workspace took a field trip to this little hometown jewel.  Since I was a super fan of embroidery my curiosity for this little haven had been haunting me for months.  Little did I know this factory was but a hop and skip down the road from what I call my studio home.  Jenny, a studio neighbor, was the leader of our adventure today and did not lead us astray. I cannot wait to share and show you what hidden gem was right in my backyard.

What I thought was going to be a small hovel of a building, turned out to be a large factory offering work to a large number of people.  It quietly sits in a beautiful valley surrounded by rolling hills and pastures of mooing cows. It generally looks like a typical manufacturing factory upon first exterior sight, but then you get the opportunity to cross the threshold into textile heaven.  

The doors open wide to racks and racks of textiles. Endless racks and racks of fabric. Fabric that went under the corrugated skylight for as far as the eye could see.


As we were escorted through the first room, by our ever so delightful guide Byron, we passed this ginormous room that took these giant rolls of fabric and unrolled them into giant bins like a huge blanket.  You just wanted to jump in and lay down and let it cover you up for a restful sleep.

Next came the entry into the “seconds” room.  This was the room that gave us minions entering textile heaven, the right to touch, fondle, feel, roll on the fabric like a puppy after a bath in fresh grass; and enjoy the view. It was truly the best. Racks and racks of cotton, poly cotton, linen, cotton blends….all beckoning me. I could see scads of embroidery floss inching itself all through these racks spelling words, making flowers, weaving circles and lines, coloring the white cotton for miles.  It was a stitchy person’s dream.

Hanks of fabric became my ‘in the warehouse’ drug.  It was intoxicating.  I then learned to purchase a hank of mainline  50/50 poly cotton was only .50 a pound.  Fabric by the pound.  Whaaaat?

This was my shopping cart….I wish…….

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