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How to Stitch a Piece of Quilt Art!!

May 20th, 2018 by Crystal

I’ve had fellow creatives ask me some “maker” type questions…, I thought I would attempt to answer these inquiries. This is one of those processes that actually benefit me as much as it does the asker. You often forget about the mental process of creating things until you sit down and pen it.   This can sometimes make you feel super smart and creative….or one of the biggest goobers ever to hold a needle.  Such a huge swing sometimes.

  •  Where do you get your quilts?
    • My quilts come from several different places.  I have a studio in a wonderful creative community, Chattanooga Workspace.  It houses about 35 different types of artisans.  Monthly we invite the public to visit/tour our building and experience different forms of art.  I cannot begin to tell you how many people stumble into my studio and volunteer to donate to my creative cause.  I often find little bags of fabric goodness at my studio door.
    • Many of my fellow creatives in the building know I’m a quilt collector, so they are always on the hunt and donate to my cause as well.
    • Plus, I’m a huge junk/estate/garage sale shopper.  This is always a huge resource for vintage quilts and notions.
  • Do you use a canvas to mount your quilt pieces on? and how do you mount them on to the canvas?
    • I do not use a traditional canvas, but I do use wood panels.  The are available in all sizes and I purchase those through Blick Art Supplies.  
    • I simply glue my quilted fabric art directly to the wood canvas with Allen’s Tack Craft Glue.
  • Where do you get your felt?
    • I LOVE FELT!  For years I would order online from a variety of places.  But, I have now found right in my own backyard Over The River Felt.  The key to felt for me is COLOR.  I want to use interesting colors…..shades of a color….all colors of the rainbow!  Plus, it needs to be good felt.  I prefer a 20% wool/80% rayon.  
  • Do you use a pattern for your flower bouquets?
    • Nope… patterns of any kind.  No two things have ever been made similar…much less alike.  I don’t even sketch on to the fabric to cut it.  I just grab the scissors and start cutting.  I am not a believer of duplication or patterns (although I want to start a pattern division of my work).  Picking out the felt flower colors is fun.  Lay what you might like on the quilt canvas….pick what you think looks good.  It’s all in the eye.  Grab the scissors…..begin!
  • Do you lay it out before you begin?
    • Yes!  I cut the quilt canvas, figure out the flowers, lay it on the quilt…..and pin it all down.  Sometimes I even photograph it….just in case things start moving while creating.  But, remember this…..movement happens, things can get wonky and your opinion of what it should be can change.  Embrace it….work with it…..there is no wrong way.

Well, there is a few answers to a few questions.  No huge company secrets revealed, nor magical tips divulged. Just never think there are rules to creativity.  Just do it (Nike got it right!)


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