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Rogue Needlearts!

October 22nd, 2016 by Alexa Lett

Rogue Needlearts…..two of my favorite words.  As a self-proclaimed artist, and having approached most everything with a “rogue” mentality, it seems only natural to celebrate this same choice other creatives may have when trotting down the path of threading the needle!  It thrills my soul to sit, thread the needle, grab some fabric and start stitching.  Many times we can all get caught up in what the end result will be without enjoying the process. Thus, I felt there needed to be a place to feature and celebrate the individuals who share the same spirit.  img_2977


The only criteria to this venture is that the art involve a needle…..any kind of needle or textile. When I say “art” I basically mean the form, not literally a piece of art.  Utilitarian creations from needle ventures are our schtick too.  The diversities of the tool make the possibilities endless. (i.e. crochet, knitting, needle punch , sewing needle, sewing machine, embroidery, needlepoint, loom) We are here to feature anything and everything about free form needle artistry.  No rules…no form…no expectations…no determined end.

In honor of this process, I decided to create an Instagram and Facebook presence for Rogue Needlearts.  Simply follow us, enjoy the sites and share us with the masses.  And, if you have some rogue creative genius going on, let me know at: rogueneedlearts@gmail and we will share it to all of our friends.  Just making sure creative people get to visually experience thread at its finest. 

I love needlearts!  I want you to do the same.

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