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Quilted Flowers!

March 9th, 2018 by Alexa Lett

Obviously, I’m hung in a quilted flowers mode.  Some times when I sit down to stitch, I get stuck.  My creative brain thinks I’m duplicating over and over again the same thing.  I waffle back and forth for about 10-15 minutes and always ask myself, should I take the quilted flower route again?   Am I a one trick stitcher? Is it bad to have the same theme of art all the time?  As a maker, do you ever feel in a rut? 

Often I wonder, if quilted flowers will hit the wall of interest to my audience…but, I mull….and mull….and I tell myself, there is no way any of these are duplicated and all are massively different.  In my brain I associate duplication of subject matter with general duplication (as in print, meaning 1 to 1).  I would never want to make the same art over and over again.  It sort of defies the meaning of art (to me anyway).   I’m not sure I could duplicate any of these pieces if I wanted to.  Every now and then I veer off the flower path and it is fun….but, I aways boomerang back to flowers. 

My love of stitching always starts with my love of playing and digging in my stash of vintage fabrics, quilts and notions.  My studio becomes and smells of “old”.  The air is full of dust, fragments of batting and shards of threads.  The floor is littered to a level of unsafe.  I snip…sort….debate….and before I know it…..I have assembled a bouquet of flowers. I can’t seem to get too far off the same creative path.  I’ve somewhat convinced myself I’m a floral arranger….it just happens to be with textiles.  

All this then invites the question….am I in a rut? Or am I creating what I like to make?  It is a slippery slope and a rabbit hole you will go if you want to debate it.  Similar to the egg and chicken question.  Which always loops me back to the basic foundation of my creativity….rut or not, do what you enjoy doing.  

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