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Pillows For My Sofa!

October 24th, 2016 by Alexa Lett




Pillows…pillows….pillows!  I do love a pillow and there are so many quirky, funny, comfy, beautiful, interesting, handmade, machine-made, vibrant, pillows out there.  To me they are the jewelry of a personally selected conservative monochromatic sofa.  I once purchased a floral sofa and fought it constantly for 18 months. It was difficult to accessorize an otherwise cooky couch with even cookier pillows.  Strangely, my sofa resembled a sect of the public I often see in the aisles of select box stores that just put on clothes with no care or quick check in the mirror to see if there is any relationship to any of the patterns involved in their attire.  My sofa for 18 months irritated me.  It was eventually chalked up to a poor decorating choice.  Note to self:  never buy a floral sofa 

I cannot change my sofa every month….yet, I can change my pillows.  Then comes the monetary exchange of purchasing a pillow.  Upon perusing a variety of great jewelry for my sofa, it sometimes appalls me the cost.  I know fabric, workmanship, creativity and doo-dads add up quickly, but geek louise….the cost of a pillow can rival a strand of Mikimoto pearls.  Who would have thunk it?  

Now….fast forward. I have a new grey sectional and I want some jewelry for it.  My search begins and it was quickly stifled by my budget.  I clearly was shopping like a Tiffany’s regular, when really I was a box store customer.  Plus, the stingy/somewhat egomaniacal  side of my shopping style can easily gaze upon said $150 throw pillow and declare in a millisecond ….”I can make that! It’s a sewn square for heaven’s sake”…thus, the loop of couch jewelry torment begins.  

On one of my quad-annual trips to Southeastern Salvadge, I saw the makings for some great jewelry.  These simple graphic pillow covers were only $8 each.  Love.  They quickly made it into my basket.  Now…to make them mine in a creative way.  

You all know my affection for quilts.  Found these little quilt circles on Ebay…only $19.99 for 20.  All made from vintage feed sack fabric.  They would have made a beautiful quilt….but, now they have found a home on my pillows.  They are loved just the same.  





img_5580 img_5582Affordable jewelry for my sofa.  Eat your heart out floral sofa.

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