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Vintage and handmade has always been a part of my creativity and gift giving.  Many forms of art have evolved over the years.  A handmade gift and accessory business was the beginning, which included 22 sales reps and a sea of moms doing piecework.  It later evolved into a book entitled “Homemade” which was full of recipes you could not eat…which then led to creative segments on various HGTV and TLC television shows, magazines, ‘how-to’ styled books, speaking engagements and teaching workshops over the years.  But, motherhood began to take more time and a different creative focus began.

My passion for ‘all things stitched’ became the art form of choice for many reasons.  I love the creative process, the beauty of imperfection and the ability to determine handmade in a nano second.  Years of supporting an athletic daughter led to hours of sitting on a bleacher.  This time became the foundation of learning the art of stitching.  The need to be creative had to become mobile for me, so this medium was perfect.  Plus, a giddy zeal for vintage fabrics and notions collected over the years provided enough supply to last a lifetime of ballgames.  

Now, the nest is empty and my little bird is off in college.  A rented art studio in a wonderful creative community is my home away from home.  I am back to ALL things creative. Mixed media, jewelry, art and stitchery seem to be the medium of choice. The creative world for me is blossoming in a new way….I love it.

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