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Handmade Stitchy Quilt Art!

February 29th, 2016 by Alexa Lett

Having my own art in my house can be easily compared to…”the cobbler’s children have no shoes”….I never hang anything of mine in my own home.  “Ney, ney said the cobbler to the child, I have made you shoes!”  I made these two pieces of art and hung them both in my home.  Go figure.  My wall color and empty guest bedroom somehow declared their need for some homespun decor.  I actually like it.IMG_1128IMG_1129This particular quilt was found at an estate sale.  I fell in love from about 20 paces out.  The only thing between me and it, was a box of Tupperware and greasy pots.  With quick leaping and dodging skills mastered from similar situations, the quilt was in my crosshairs. My 34″ inseam and need for plaid had me holding the quilt in under 6 minutes.  Upon whipping it open to check for hiccups I noticed half of the quilt was made of cotton plaids and the other half solid silks.  Needless to say, the silks didn’t make it….decayed right down to the batting.  The plaids lived the test of time and they were perfect. But better than the life of cotton, was the price tag….$5.  Half of a plaid quilt for five bucks is not something I can pass up.  Dangling silks and ruffley batting was eventually sliced and diced….and above is the outcome.  Half the fun of art is knowing the back story.  

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