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Handmade Embroidery Patterns!

July 11th, 2016 by Alexa Lett


Sometimes the urge to create your own thing is inevitable.  And, I mean from the beginning of the creative process.  One of my personal  goals has always been to create patterns.  All of this goes back to years ago, being unable to be controlled.  Yep, I have always been somewhat of a maverick type personality.  I never wanted to work for someone else, play follow the leader, walk in a straight line with others, or follow a recipe.  Even simple things like walking into a store and buying a pattern to create something, somehow gets all discombobulated in my head as “controlling”.  I’m sure some shrink could have a field day with this mental hurdle.  But, with this being a part of my personality, the only answer is to make your own patterns. I’ve been a freestyler for quite a while.  Now it is time to get the ideas in a format that others might have fun with too!  

IMG_3541It all started with using the “magic pen”.  A pen that you can draw on fabric…make a boo boo and iron it away.  My good friend and store owner of Chattanooga Quilts introduced me to the “magic pen”.  I now consider it a staple for so many moments of creativity on fabric.  Just draw and erase….just like a pencil.




IMG_3544Then it is just a matter of some simple stitching.  Keep in mind I am starting small.  This is only a 4″ hoop.  Looks big….is small.


IMG_3980I’ve always thought the back is important to me too.  Many stitchers feel the back should be just as neat as the front…..not me!  Being creative is about imperfection just as much as it is perfection.  I often boo boo…and just keep going….note the thread nests built on the back of these little houses. 

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