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Finding Your Spot in the Art Blog World

February 12th, 2018 by Alexa Lett

The mirage of human contact (i.e. all forms of social media), creates the question I constantly ask myself, “what the heck am I going to art blog about today?”  Thus the lack of blogging in 2017!  The ‘world wide web’ specialist, people all advise that Instagram is about the photos.  Facebook is about marketing and reaching a certain demographic, and a blog is about chit chatting about anything you desire, with no parameters whatsoever.  Blogging, for me, often gets lost in the pile of postings because I actually have to give it more thought.  Facebook and Instagram are so fast and quickly accessible via phone.  They are easy peasey!  But, blogging requires me to think so much more.  

Are You My Kind Of People?

I always debate who reads these ramblings I write? Why would you?  What could I possibly write worthy of your time and effort?  I’m still debating all these questions….but, I tend to think if you have stumbled upon this little piece of the “www” y0u must be ‘my kind of people’.  According to all the computer analytics, you the reader, has crossed my path because of key words that connect our kindred spirits.  

Let’s join with our mutually enjoyed words at least once a week….read at your leisure…but understand that I will post weekly on most occasions (although life does occasionally provide a random hiccup).  I have made a commitment for 2018!  What I post here will not be the same as any other social platform, so prepare to see different content…let’s keep it dicey.  This is my little piece of the world….to quote my fellow southerners…come on back now ya’ here?  We will sit a spell and chew the fat.

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