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Embroidery and Free Motion Stitching!

June 27th, 2016 by Alexa Lett



Today was all about a skinny, legged girl.  I went into my studio with complete plans to work on my #100dayproject of #100daysofstitchy….I did, but quickly went for my daily dose of stitching and needed a creative diversion.  My sewing machine has been gathering dust and I needed to fire it up and exercise my free motion skills.  

I love to use linen.  There is a lot of linen canvas available in a drop cloth for $9.99, plus, it sews so easily and smooth!  Just cut the size you need, a little sheet of stabilizer behind it and get to sewing!  Organic creativity is my favorite…..just put the fabric in the machine and begin to sketch an image.  The needle is your paint brush.  






Once the machine stitching is complete….go ahead and get the needle, because hand stitching is the only way to make it special.  

IMG_4119I grew up loving paper dolls.  This is kind of my modern-day version of a stitched, handmade, paper doll (but it is cloth).  I think long, skinny legs with knobby knees and stringy hair is the essence of who I was growing up and now has begun the flagship makings of my dolls.  

My goal is to have a series of these little stitchy people……let’s see what happens!






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