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Display Your Merchandise Cleverly!

December 4th, 2016 by Alexa Lett

Often I wander through boutiques and stores with only the intent of looking at how they display their merchandise.  My belief of ‘selling the consumer’ is firmly rooted in grabbing their eye with how it is displayed.  My favorite of all favorite creative retail displays is without question….Anthropologie.  Their designer has a Doctorate in “Catch Your Eye”, with a Masters in “I Must Have One, Philosophy” with an undergraduate in “I will get your attention with the decor and you will have to buy something”.    Their stores are a buffet of eye candy that happens to have stuff available for purchase.  Their attention to cosmetic detail of display is similar to walking through a museum.  The $150 cotton t-shirt seems oddly reasonable when it is plopped on to a wooden table your grandma had with stacks of clip boards draped across the ceiling spelling “retro-cottonelle” while sitting on the bed of a ’52 Ford pickup scattered with acorns.  It all seems so visually worth it.  In fact, I might give them $20 more.  It brings to mind a common cliche’….it is all in the details.img_2393

I do not have a retail store, but occasionally I participate in pop-up/trunk shows, and often do retail type events within my studio at Chattanooga Workspace.  So, I am always looking for interesting and fun ways to show off my handmade goodies. My space has very specific criteria in which to display.  My walls are concrete blocks and I can only display in the hallway of my building.  So….you must elevate and carry a big hammer.  This green screen is perfect for so many things. I purchased it at one of my favorite junking spots, Joy’s and I added a couple of other loose frames to give it dimension.  All inexpensive…takes up a lot of space, and I only have to hang one item in a concrete wall.  img_6026

In the hallway I hung a somewhat neutral, tattered old quilt.  One that I can poke, pin, tack, stick…whatever. It kind of serves as my giant fabric bulletin board in the hallway.  I can display, post, advertise and most anything else on this giant quilt.  
img_2097A clothesline can often be the answer to a lot of things.  I have them strung all over my studio.  They serve as display for made goods, inspiration for parts of made goods, and elevation of miscellaneous goods from the floor.  Clotheslines….get you some. 

Display is important….and it can be fun.  Observe others…do a little research and development….and make do.  Dirt is pretty if the jar that contains it says so.  Go see what you can do……………..



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