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The Craft and Art of Sequined Fruit!

February 28th, 2018 by Alexa Lett

The kitschy, artful goodness of beaded fruit is quite special to me.  When I see beaded fruit many quirky thoughts and memories rise to the surface.  First and foremost is my Grandmother.  I can’t say she was the most nurturing sort and was only in my life a somewhat short period of time, but for some unknown reason, she enjoyed making beaded fruit. This was her jam!  I can’t remember her doing any other type of craft.  She enjoyed two things that I can remember…betting on the ponies and making beaded fruit.  

As a 7-year-old, a bowl of sparkly sequins and beads is the ultimate.  She invited me to help her for an hour or two of beadazzling only a couple of times, but clearly this left a warm impression.  I vividly remember asking myself, was the pain to make worthy of the beauty created?  Pushing straight pins into plastic fruit can quickly leave a heavy dose of digit pain.  The searing sensation can begin to pulsate in the end of my fingers if I think about making them today.  The goal was to make enough fruit to fill the decorative bowl in the middle of the table.  I may of started 4-5 pieces, but my Grandmother finished them all.  Once the goal was accomplished, she was done, and so was the creativity….and that was that.

I sometimes think of this memory and experience as the launch pad to my own personal creativity. A somewhat sparkly, painful craft project was the turning point in my own originative spirit.  I learned that adding your innovative twist to a common object was possible….and certainly in my future.  I so wish I had her beaded fruit, but it disappeared over the years.  The above picture was fruit I found at an estate sale.  Every time I see it, I think of two things …my grandmother and the horse races.  


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