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Commitment To The 100 Day Project!

February 25th, 2018 by Alexa Lett

The 100 Day Project

I am a huge fan of a group commitment!  Speaking for myself..the need to be accountable…even to a group of people you do not know…communicate… people you interact with….just the mental decision to commit to a project….makes it happen in my head….then it happens in my studio!  I have participated in the The 100 Day Project for two years!  I’m a wee bit behind on the start date….but, I will catch up!  I love this project!  I love what other people create!  I love how it makes me stretch what I do as a maker.  The 100 Day Project adds a little fuel, and maybe some alternative fuels to broaden, widen and test drive adventures to the creation table of my studio.  Plus, I have the attention skills of a gnat and this short-lived daily moment of creation panders quite nicely with the “must make a project/creative piece once a day!”  I like making it and finishing it all in one day.  My need to check off my daily maker duties is how I operate.  This commitment lends itself to my personal style so beautifully! It is doable! The commitment to participate makes you Blog…Instagram….and Facebook.  You have to share….and commitment makes it happen.

The first year I participated in #the100DayProject I stitched little handmade images on 100, 5″ squares of linen.  They all turned out great!  I used them for other projects….gave as a card on a gift….passed them on as a wee treat…made lavendar sachets….they found many homes, all 100 of them.  So fun to share with fellow lovers of handmade…and 100 units of anything creates new friends everywhere!

Last year was the piece of art above.  I daily stitched a tiny doo-dad or memorable something (it had to be small) to a salvaged wool blanket to create one of the most interesting collages of my personal life ever made.  Many have asked to purchase it, but this one is weirdly going to hang out with me a while.  Just to define its personality….the blue diaper pin in the middle was mine as an infant; the little pink heart was my dog Daisy’s contact info she wore on her collar for years…a lot of the fabric, notions and trims are swatches from my daughter’s clothes, mine and family linens. This little piece of work occupied 100 days of hunting, gathering and sewing.  A big commitment…..and so worth it.  This piece proudly hangs in my house as we write and read.   

This year is going to be the year of the “Mini Art”.  It is decided.  I want to create small, affordable pieces of art that most anyone could afford to purchase and collect.  A few biggies will surface….but, #the100Day Project will have many minis!  Plus, I’m going to incorporate more than stitching…we are going to paint as well.  FYI:  I’m not a painter.  This should keep it interesting visually.  Let’s hope practice makes perfect….or at least better.  The merger of the two will be my #the100DayProject break out moment.   

Tomorrow is the first day to post the first piece of 100……eeeeek!  Can’t wait… sure and come see!  Pictures will bee-bop back and forth from Facebook to Instagram and here on this blog.  We will keep it interesting!!

Just pop over to my contact info on my website: and follow along……

Commitment….it’s a good thing!




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