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Choices In Embroidery! Mind Blowing!

March 3rd, 2016 by Alexa Lett


Do you ever feel like your head is about to explode?  and I’m not talking about a headache….I’m talking about the many creative things you want to attempt, create, experience and see?  So many opportunities are awaiting my “Just Do It” sensibilities!  I often get asked why did you choose the colors you use?  Color is what inspires me!

My love of the needle arts is out the roof! I love to embroider and the array of embroidery floss is outstanding!  I remember back in my early crafting days….the days when you had about 12 colors to pick for most projects, and you were actually thrilled.  I can now walk into my local craft supplier…find the DMC floss display and begin sucking all the air out of the room.  The color choices are so varied and delicious I can’t hardly stand myself.  Plus, the price is still affordable!  As I stand there debating what to purchase my mind goes into overdrive debating what to select.  I eventually walk away with a few acres of multi colored cotton bundles and I imagine all the cool things to create.  Choices…..who knew there could be so many? 

Choices also create the juices of stitchy flowing!  I don’t have enough time to tap into what my brain wants to do.  It sometimes can make you feel a little crazy.  It sometimes makes your head feel like it is about to explode.  How is it a vast array of wonderful, can make you feel so tortured?  Choices also create adventure.  There is nothing more rejuvenating than testing what is assumed to be normal.  An apple doesn’t have to be red… can now be fuchsia or lavender or aqua.  Choices.

My point to all this mindless rambling is to embrace choice.  Test new things…tip toe into new colors….support the creative companies that stretch our imaginations and  experience having your mind blown!

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