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Adult Easter Egg Hunt!

March 13th, 2018 by Alexa Lett

One of my mentors, in a former working life, gave me some very interesting advice!  He was a firm believer that there was very little “R&D – Research and Development,” in the business world….but, lots of  “R&R – Research and Re-invent.”   I initially didn’t really get it, but as I have become older  wiser, I totally get it!   How about an Adult Easter Egg Hunt? 

Chattanooga has some innovators…but, I am thrilled to personally know two of them…..Jennifer Holder and Shawanda Mason-Moore of The Chattery.  There is nothing more exciting than to watch two gals cut their own path and all to the benefit of our community.  The Chattery is kicking the ‘enlightenment’ butt!  Congrats to making yourself relevant…..and admired.  Now to my point….they have knocked it out of the park in the R&R department with one of their many events/classes coming up March 31st, at the Sculpture Fields at Montague Park.  It is The Great Adult Egg Hunt!

One of my favorite holidays is Easter.  The religious meaning….the childlike events….the colors associated with Easter….and more importantly, the infamous Easter Egg Hunt!  I am competitive….so a ‘hunt’ is right down my alley.  But, your participation in the hunt tends to diminish as you age….and if your child has out grown this honored past time….what is an adult to do? People tend to frown on knocking small children down to get the golden egg.  This is where the Chattery stepped up their game and did some R&R!  The full details are here….but, a quick summation is this…the gals have invited local artists to donate and create an individual egg.  These exclusive eggs will be hidden and adults will get to scurry around a unique artsy park to find said artistic eggs….then follow it up with an adult beverage!  What?  It’s like the Easter Bunny had a mimosa and invited their 21+ year old friends to come play!  

I graciously practically begged them to let me participate.  I volunteered before the world-wide web let the ‘call to artists’  bounce off the satellite that The Chattery needed eggs.  It was maybe the first thing I committed to doing in March.  Well, my egg was presented to the gals for their Bunny Hiding Extraordinaire. The photograph above is my contribution.  I hope someone will enjoy her as much as I enjoyed making and participating in this project.  I will be a hunter on the 31st…..I will come home with an egg (or more if I can knock some adults down that drank too many mimosas)… I will come home having experienced a little R&R…..and I’m not talking about resting or relaxing!  

Way to go Jennifer and Shawanda….props to bringing fun back to adults via child like events….we salute your R&R!  Look for me on the 31st… in sprint position.

Alexa Lett

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