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How Does Creativity Begin?

December 10th, 2016 by Alexa Lett




As of late the fascination to create and sew a bird is at a feverish pitch.  Flashy birds, whimsical birds, sassy birds, colorful birds, weird birds…..every form of a strange bird….but, no real birds.   Something about making a bird I can create with a real sense of freedom.  No rules.  And, they are completely in keeping with my need to start and finish usually within the same 48 hours.  

My favorite part about starting a new piece is selecting the chunk of repurposed quilt to be the canvas for one of my little birdies.  This latest quilt had the oddest fabrics pieced together.  My favorite was this fabulous block of polka dots…..had to make it the prominent background.


The next part of the process is pretty organic….just start digging through my fabrics and cut out a bird and may the stitching begin.  I have never been one to do too much premeditation.  Grab some thread and a needle and begin.  

All this description of “how I create” seems so normal to me, yet today, I visited a lovely local art museum.  I have volunteered to be a part of a collaborative art project between Chattanooga Workspace and Hunter Museum.  We must select a piece of art and create a companion type piece that inspires me from the masterpiece of the Hunter.  In strolling through all the paintings….pondering my selection….I read many of the origins of the artist’s work.  It seemed to be a recurring theme that all were inspired by something in most their work (i.e. nature, wildlife, their surroundings, life, humanity).  But, I do not approach the creative process like this at all.  What does this mean? What does this say about me?  I just randomly thought one day, I want to create a bird…..pretty much it.  No influence….no inspiration (I don’t think)…no forethought…..just a blip one day to create a quirky bird.  

Hmmm…..I think this says, my artist detail by one of my creative efforts should it appear in any museum would be really short.   

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